We've tried threading

We’ve tried threading …

Waxing with two fine cotton threads: the ancestral method is widespread in India and the countries of the Middle East. In our country, threading is becoming more and more popular. All about this method of hair removal known as “Indian style”, perfect for plucking the eyebrows or the upper part of the lip.

Threading Hair Removal: How Does It Work?

To go after unsightly hair, there are many hair removal methods: electric hair removal, cold wax, hot wax, pulsed light, or thread. The latter, which is an ancient technique originating in India, is used particularly for the removal of hair from the eyebrows, chin, cheeks or even for the small upper part above the lip, in small short areas of the face.

How does it work? The beautician traps the hairs between two very strong cotton threads and makes a small twisting movement of the threads to remove the hairs from the roots.

Quick, accurate and inexpensive, threading allows you to pluck multiple hairs (even short ones) at the same time and draw a nice brow shape or even a nice beard line (and yes, both men and women use it!)

What’s more, hair growth slows down with each waxing. Not to mention that we limit the appearance of certain small inconveniences such as small pimples and other ingrown hairs.
However, for larger areas of the body, such as the legs, armpits or arms, it is better to use another method of hair removal so that the session does not last for hours. Keep in mind that it is better to go to a beauty salon and let a professional do the work to avoid mistakes and possible “accidents”.

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Pluck your eyebrows with a thread? We have tested it!

Still not convinced by the thread? The newsroom has tried this method for her brows and gives us feedback on this experience. How is the result? Hurts? It is long? Verdict!

“Oriental atmosphere in this small oriental hairdresser (The Deeplex Oriental Beauty Center in Brussels). In the small line of girls used to the place, the welcome is quite pleasant. At the back of the room, clients parade hidden behind a small curtain The preserves are interrupted by a small noise: zip zip … The sound of the thread being pulled. Delicate as I am, a small point of anguish rises up the tip of your nose …

Does the wax hurt with the thread? I dared to ask … Leaving me all the surprise of the discovery, they answered me modestly with a roll of the eyes that did not bode well … Ouch, ouch, ouch, here comes my turn … “

“Nadia, my esthetician for the day, twirls the thread around her fingers and pinches a thread between her teeth. With her other hand, the girl holds the spool. I am invited to provide technical assistance, that is, to hold the skin of my eyelid over my eye.

Miraculously, the hairs are caught through the two twisted cotton threads. With a dexterity that is a phenomenon, my “executioner” then finishes his waxing job in two or three tweezing movements. In three minutes, everything is over. “

We have tried it: threading.

Threading hair removal, an effective technique?

“The great advantage of the eyebrow threading method is that it allows the hairs to be pulled out at the same time on the same line. The result? Very clear, nothing to say. The eyebrow line is perfectly drawn. A technique that also offers a lot of precision, even the finest down is plucked.

It should also be noted that hair removal has no contraindications. In fact, it is a natural extraction from the hair, without the use of product or heat, and therefore does not cause skin irritation, small pimples or irritation. This technique does not use wax at all, which is an advantage for girls with sensitive skin who can react badly.
The esthetician explains to me that this method of hair removal results in fewer ingrown hairs and slower growth. As with wax, the hair grows back much less and is finer.

Another important detail is the small price (less than 15 euros). Information taken, the technique is often even less expensive than classic eyebrow waxing and can be used for all parts of the face. “

Is this method painful?

“If the sensation of pain is not part of the pleasure, it is bearable because the test lasts only five minutes per eyebrow. Nothing too bad, except for a temporary redness when exiting. Therefore, threading is an effective method (about 3 weeks of tranquility), hygienic (the thread is discarded after use), fast and cheap “.

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