With these tricks you will finally stop biting your nails

With these tricks you will finally stop biting your nails

If you have the habit of biting your nails and want to end it, the first thing is to start being aware of your habits. At what point do you do it? For what reason? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may be able to come up with some solutions that are better for you than others. We started!


1. Take a picture of your hands

Before, during and after: this will allow you to follow the evolution and be proud of the progress you have made.

2. Set yourself an end goal

In your planner or calendar, make a realistic estimate of the date you want to have your nails intact and mark the chosen date in red. Every week is a small victory. Celebrate it!Discover: Do you have a manicure pending? Get inspired by these decorated nail designs and nail art

Do you have a manicure pending?  Get inspired by these decorated nail designs and nail art

3. Keep your mouth and hands busy

Chewing gum, holding a stress ball, doing yoga … Any activity that allows you to avoid putting your fingers in your mouth is welcome!

4. Hydrate your hands and file your nails

Always have your manicure kit on hand to avoid biting your nails when they feel a little longer or you get a hangnail. In fact, this technique also works very well for those who eat the skin around their nails .

5. Choose a nail that you will not touch under any circumstances and focus only on not biting that

When you have it controlled add a second finger, a third, and so on. This method allows you not only to make this change progressively, but it will also motivate you to add nails to the challenge due to the difference in appearance between healthy ones and those that are not.

6. Protect your nails with gloves, plasters or even with a special polish to avoid biting your nails

It will be very useful in the first days. Once you have reached your goal, always keep your nails well cared for and painted to avoid relapsing. File them, polish them, hydrate them … And if you can, go to a nail salon to make yourself a beautiful design . After all, they have been suffering from your bites for many years and now they deserve a lot of pampering.

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