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10 Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Like a Pro

10 Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Like a Pro Applying eye shadow professionally is not as difficult as you think, it is enough to start by applying primer on the eyelids and then choose the appropriate products in this field. All you have to do is adhere to the following tips to get the best results when applying eye shadow:

10 Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Like a Pro

Blending is the secret

Choose 3 different shades: foundation, which is usually a very light gray or light beige, a luminous color, and the main color of the eyelid. But how do you make them look merging into each other like the colors of the rainbow?

Apply the base color with the brush all over the eye up to the brow bone (the base color is the lightest color), apply the eyelid color (the medium color) and then apply the strongest color (the darkest color) on the moving eyelid only. Don’t apply too much color or you will have to start over.

Choose shades that highlight the color of your eyes

Using an eyeshadow color similar to your eye color highlights your eye color (such as blue eyeshadow for blue eyes). Meanwhile, contrasting colors accentuate the eye as well (eg deep blue eyeshadow on deep brown eyes or golden eyeshadow on blue eyes).

Never apply deep color to the brow bone

Eye makeup will appear heavy if you apply a lot of eye shadow. Apply shadows up to the brow bone and never apply shadows to the brow bone unless you are using a neutral color.

Dark color may improve or spoil your look

When applying dark eyeshadow to the crease of the eye, make sure to blend it only at the outer edge. If it is close to the eye, your eyes will look very small.

The bright color shows wrinkles

The bright color accentuates the eyes, but it also accentuates heavy eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t have wrinkles on your eyelids, try this cool shimmer look: sweep a neutral eyeshadow on the eyelid, but apply the golden shimmer all the way to the brow bone.

Keep the color on the eyelid only

If you want a smoky eye make-up, keep the color on the eyelid only and below the lower lash line. Do not extend the color above the crease of the eyelid so that it does not reflect harshness on the contours of your face.

Buy good eye shadows

Good quality eyeshadows stay on the eyes all day and usually have richer shades, while poor quality eyeshadows fade by midday.

Any shades with red lip color

Remember this rule: “You shouldn’t accentuate the lips and eyes together.” If you decide to wear a red lip color, cover the blue lines on the eyelids with a concealer or primer and apply a light-colored eyeshadow.

Increase the brightness of your eyes using white

A drop of white eye shadow or white eye pencil inside the eye near the tear duct makes the eyes appear brighter, and it also widens the eyes a lot.

Experiment with colors

Dark gray and lavender shades look great on all eye colors. Also consider mixing eye shadows if you buy a color that is too bold for you. Mixing electric blue with dark gray can turn it into a cool color.

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