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7 Autumn skincare routine

7 Autumn skincare routine With the change of seasons, the skin is exposed to many external influences, which have a direct impact on it, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, where the cold weather causes dryness of the skin and peeling of the skin.

And beauticians advise changing the daily skin care routine according to the change of seasons to maintain the health of the skin and protect the skin from drying out.

Autumn skincare routine

Soap-free face wash:

With the increased chances of dryness and cracking of the skin, it is preferable to use a soap-free skin lotion, and it is recommended to choose a skin lotion with a creamy base to keep the skin moisturized and protect it from the effects of cold weather.

Use a skin scrub with moisturizing oils:

Exfoliating the skin is a double-edged sword, with excessive use, it can cause dry skin and the appearance of early wrinkles.

Experts advise choosing a skin scrub with moisturizing oils in the fall and winter, or making a home scrub by adding 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil to 1/2 cup of sugar, and drops of lemon juice and using the mixture to massage wet skin for 3 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, then cold water, and repeat the mask twice a week.

Moisturize the skin on a daily basis:

Use a moisturizer on a daily basis, and replace your moisturizing lotion with a moisturizing cream, which forms a double barrier to retain moisture within the skin.

If your skin is dry, it is preferable to choose moisturizing creams with cocoa butter or shea butter extracts for their superior ability to penetrate the layers of the skin, and moisturize the skin from the inside. It is also recommended to use vitamin E capsules topically for double hydration, and to protect the skin from the appearance of early wrinkles.

To obtain great results, it is preferable to moisturize the skin immediately after taking a shower, and it is also recommended to use a moisturizer before bed for maximum benefit.

Lip balm:

Prepare for the effect of winter on your lips and keep using lip balm on a daily basis in the fall. It is recommended to exfoliate the lips twice a week using a toothbrush, or using a little sugar with Vaseline and rinse with lukewarm water, then follow with a lip balm.

It is also recommended to use Vaseline, or lip balms that contain Vaseline, which retain moisture inside the skin to stay hydrated for a longer period.

Hand care and moisturizing:

Hands are one of the most parts of the body that are exposed to many external influences that usually cause their dryness and roughness. Make sure to use a moisturizing cream daily, and it is recommended to use a little glycerin added to it with drops of lemon juice, or glycerin diluted with water.


The sun’s rays may not be as strong in the winter and fall, but that does not mean going out during the day without sunscreen. Use sunscreen on a daily basis, and a moisturizing day cream with a protection factor can be used.

Feet care:

Heel cracks, and their roughness is the biggest problem in the fall and winter, which can be prepared and prevented by using a strong moisturizer and wearing cotton socks before bed, with peeling the heels using a strong scrub or using a medical stone twice a week.

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