How to Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles
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How to Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles

One of the most noticeable kinds of wrinkles are often deeper forehead wrinkles. Unfortunately, this type of wrinkle can be stubborn when using over-the-counter treatments. While aging is completely natural, there are effective ways to mitigate the effects of aging on our faces. Below, we’ll outline some common causes of forehead wrinkles as well as some solutions for deep forehead wrinkling. 


Everyone ages differently, but there are some factors that will influence the rate at which someone’s skin will develop wrinkles. Some common habitual factors include smoking and spending too much time in the sun without adequate protective measures (such as sunscreen or hats). There are also environmental factors, such as living in an arid or sunny climate, air pollution, and the hardness levels of the water that you drink and bathe in. While some of these factors can be changed, such as increasing your use of sunscreen, others are harder to avoid. So knowing how to deal with wrinkles, once they appear, is essential.

One of the other main contributing factors to wrinkle formation is one that we might not suspect. The expressiveness of your face is one of the ways that we are all unique. Some people smile widely, or have dimples, while others raise their eyebrows when they are surprised, or furrow their brows when they are thinking. Showing our emotions is an essential aspect of communication and an important way that we connect to others. However, the expressiveness of your face, especially when you have a particularly expressive face, can also be one of the main factors that lead to wrinkle development over time.


Topical prescription medication can be an effective way of treating wrinkles, especially earlier on in their development. Tretinoin is a commonly prescribed topical medication for the treatment of wrinkles. This is a retinoid based ointment. Retinoids are a type of chemical that is derived from Vitamin A. They are essentially a form of acid that will chemically exfoliate the skin. If you use glycolic or salicylic acids in your normal skin routine, then you are already using a  type of retinoid. 

They work by gently exfoliating the dead skin cells from your face, promoting cell turnover and regrowth, as well as helping keep the face free from pore blocking dead skin. While you can purchase some retinoids at your favorite beauty store, tretinoin typically needs a prescription from your dermatologist. This is because it is a higher strength retinoid than some of the others. 

If you use topical medications, be aware of potential side effects such as redness, inflammation, and sometimes an initial breakout of acne. The acne appears during a process called purging, where the skin is essentially getting rid of built up oil and dirt that has been blocking pores. The purging period will eventually go away, but it is wise to be extra gentle to your skin during this period. You should also avoid too much direct sunlight, if you are not using sunscreen, as your skin will be much more sensitive to UV rays while using retinol products.

Botox and Wrinkle Relaxers

While topical medications can be a great solution for fine lines, and can lessen the appearance of deeper wrinkles, they are not a solution for getting rid of deeper wrinkles entirely. When a forehead wrinkle is deep enough, you will likely need to use another solution. One of the most effective ways to get rid of deep forehead wrinkles is to use Botox or a wrinkle relaxer

Botox is a kind of neuromodulator, which means that it effectively blocks the signal your brain sends to your facial muscles that makes them tense up when smiling, frowning, or making other facial motions. The relaxing of these muscles means that the appearance of deeper wrinkles will be reduced, and new wrinkles will be less likely to form. 

Using Botox or another wrinkle relaxer is a simple process.  You will first have a consultation where you discuss your specific skin goals. At the procedure itself, you will get targeted injections in the areas where you are most specifically concerned. The injection itself only takes a few seconds and most people describe it feeling similar to a light pinch. You will need to take a break from exercise and any pain medications or alcohol for the first 24 hours; your doctor may also recommend avoiding topical medications or exfoliation for a few days. Results are visible in as little as a week with full results in two weeks. 

It is important to note that despite the restriction of muscle tensing in your face, this does not mean that you will lose your unique facial expressiveness. The area of injection and amount of Botox used will vary the amount of relaxation in your face. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have in regards to expressiveness. 

Botox and wrinkle relaxers are an extremely effective way of targeting deeper wrinkles and fine lines. When used in conjunction with a skincare routine, especially, such as moisturizing and toning daily, you will see lasting results in now time.

Aging is natural, but we don’t have to accept it. Reclaiming the face you want to see in the mirror can be simple and pain-free when you talk to a specialist about the ways to reduce or get rid of your deeper wrinkles.

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