Significance of Satmya and Asatmya in Our Daily Life

Significance of Satmya and Asatmya in Our Daily Life Various individuals have various preferences. Certain individuals favor hot food while some can’t endure fiery food. Some foster sensitivities in the wake of having peanuts or smelling a specific kind of blossom. Certain individuals lean toward strolling while some can pull off focused energy cardio exercises like running. Certain individuals can endure a sweltering environment and sun while some foster burn from the sun while going in the sun or have a draining nose in a blistering environment. Some can have frostbite in cool circumstances. Everything relies upon the satmya and asatmya of the individual. Which is different for each individual so in this article we will be taking a gander at the idea of satmya and asatmya

Significance of Satmya and Asatmya in Our Daily Life


The prescriptions, food, way of life conditions, and environment which is appropriate and routine for the individual are known as satmaya (charak/vi/1/20) this idea is otherwise called upshya in ayurveda. The drugs, food, way of life conditions, and climate which isn’t appropriate for the patient and are not adjusted to it are known as asatmya. It is otherwise called anupshya. The food, way of life, meds, and climate which is adjusted to the individual however are not reasonable for their prakriti or body constitution is known as oaksatmya.

It is a vital idea in Ayurveda and it is utilized generally in each progression while giving ayurvedic treatment. It has significance in pariksha (history) of the patient. It is likewise utilized while endorsing drugs for the patient and furthermore while giving the eating routine and way of life changes. Satmya and Asatmya can be considered by Doshas Prakriti, Disease.

Kinds OF SATMYA (charak/vi/1/20)

In view of the sort of food and their rasa we can arrange satmya as per:

  • Pravar satmya
  • Avar satmya
  • Madhyam satmya

Pravar satmya-Is a sort of satmya in which an individual can take every one of the food varieties which have a solitary rasa or food sources including each of the 6 rasas.

Avar satmya-It is a kind of satmya in which an individual can eat just a single sort of rasa.

Madhyam satmya-it is a sort of satmya in which an individual can take food among avar and pravar satmya like food varieties which have 2-3-4-5 rasa. The food varieties which an individual can’t endure are known as asatmya.


  1. Prakriti satmya
  2. Desha satmya
  3. Ritu satmya
  4. Vyadhi satmya
  5. Swabhav satmya
  6. Jaati satmya
  7. Vaya satmya


Each individual has an alternate sort of Prakriti we can say its body constitution of the individual, our body is comprised of tridoshas for example vata, pitta, kapha and every individual have various proportions of vata, pitta and kapha because of which every individual have different sort of prakritis of their body which can be single dosha ruled or blend of two doshas. (charak/sutrasthana/8/40)

Different Prakriti individuals have various types of satmya for their bodies for instance

Vaat prakriti individuals will be satmya to blistering and wet food and will be asatmya to dry food, dry climate, extreme activity and so forth

Pitt prakriti individuals will be satmya to cold air, accomplishing less extreme work and asatmya to hot and fiery food, hot climate.Kapha prakriti individuals are satmya to lavan ras, hot climate, they have more energy to satmya to extreme focus practices yet asatmya to cold food, cold climate and so forth.


It alludes to an individual’s reasonableness for a specific geological region. Individuals living in a specific region have various types of food propensities and ways of life.

There are 3 sorts of desha told in ayurveda

Jaangal desha-which generally have dried properties of the area, plants and creatures which fill in the space are likewise having dry properties and disturb vata and pitta dosha so satmya for these individuals will be damp or food varieties which are sneh yukta.

Anup desha-which is otherwise called muddy land, plants and creatures developed there will have kapha disturbing properties. Individuals living there will likewise have more kapha dosha in them so satmya for them is dry or hot sort of food

Sadharan desha-it is the typical kind of land which has every one of the three doshas in adjusted structure and where every one of the environments are moderate in condition so individuals residing there will actually want to endure every sort of food.

Individuals who can’t follow the way of life or admission of food varieties which are referenced for the particular desha are known as asatmya desha.


It is a sort of satmya as indicated by various climatic circumstances, various environments have various types of satmya.

In ayurveda there are 6 sorts of ritus (environment) and as per which each ritu has various types of diet and way of life proposals in ayurveda.

Grishma ritu (summer environment)- anulepan of chandan, living in a virus room, cold water, improved water, meat of creatures living in jangal desha, sattu blended in with ghee.

Shishir ritu (late winters)- this weather conditions has satmya of sweltering power food, sleek food varieties, food varieties including salts or acrid food varieties, and can likewise take meat from creatures which are filled in damp grounds or fish.

Vasant ritu (spring season)- In this ritu work out, chandamn lepa, grain millet, wheat flour and so on.

Varsha ritu (blustery season)- Can take honey, old grain millet, wheat, harsh and pungent food, slick food , ubtan applying and so on can be utilized

Sharad ritu (Autumn season)- sweet food, light food, food sources which don’t amass pitta dosha.

Hemant ritu (early winters)- same as shishir ritu

As various ritus have various types of satmya, each ritu likewise has various types of asatmya. The ways of life and food varieties which are contraindicated in each ritu is asatmya for that ritu.


It is reasonable as per the idea of each and every illness that is unique, doshas remembered for each vyadhi is unique. There are intense and persistent states of the illness so diet and ways of life are made by that for instance: In rheumatoid joint pain dark lentils are not reasonable , yavagu is liked in pretty much every sickness, warm water is useful for absorption, and in intense circumstances, curd in free movements.


It alludes to appropriateness as indicated by various gatherings as charak has depicted mother’s milk as reasonable for babies. Also, the unsatisfactoriness of specific food sources and way of life is known as swabhav asatmya .


it tends to be perceived as reasonableness of specific food varieties or way of life in various species like wheat is appropriate for people and grass in appropriate for creatures and meat is appropriate for carnivores. Also, food varieties or ways of life which are unacceptable for various types of species are known as jaati asatmya like grass is unsatisfactory for people and so on.


It tends to be perceived as the appropriateness of various ways of life as indicated by the age of the individual. Babies and youngsters ought to be given a fluid or semi-strong eating routine while grown-ups can have each kind of food. Also, similar to this the food sources that are to be stayed away from for various age gatherings. Strong food sources are to be kept away from for babies and so on is known as asatmya


It alludes to the satmyta of the food varieties or way of life that are not beneficial or ought to be kept away from to remain solid yet with the utilization of food sources and way of life like this body has adjusted to the food or way of life and medication and so on.

For instance hot and hot food is asatmya for individuals having pitt prakriti or individuals living in jangal desh however with the day to day practice of this kind of food, individuals have no issues connected with pitta doshas. Individuals ought to devour light and cold food in the late spring season yet with the act of day to day eating non-veg food, they get no aftereffects. This idea of ayurveda is known as the oaksatmya


Significance IN DIAGNOSIS

it is valuable in the determination of illness assuming that an individual is exasperating the side effects of a sickness subsequent to admitting sleek food then it very well may be perceived that the illness is brought about by Kapha dosha, on the off chance that side effects of the infection are irritating in the Hemant ritu for example early winters that implies it is a sort of pitta problem.

Significance IN TREATMENT

It plays an essential part in treatment likewise, as the meds are chosen after the information on illness and seeing what are the satmya for the sickness as portrayed in vyadhi samya.

Diet changes are likewise finished after the information on the satmya asatmya of the patient. The rasayan treatments are additionally regulated after the information on satmya and advantageous consequences of the patients.

Each sort of panchakarma treatment is likewise possibly performed assuming it is satmya for the patient who is lean and withered we can not give Vamana treatment to that persistent.

DIET-Satmya asatmya is significant for choosing the eating regimen of the individual. Each individual has various types of diet inclinations as per the prakriti, desh, kaal and so forth.


As we read over the idea of the satmya and asatmya we can presume that it’s an extremely crucial idea in the Ayurveda and furthermore it is exceptionally gainful in our day to day routines. Each individual ought to follow their way of life and food propensities as indicated by the satmya and asatmya of their body type, geological region, climatic circumstances, and so on.

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